Friday, April 20th, 2018

Industry Outreach & Community Education


To provide continuing education opportunities to our communities and businesses to promote personal growth, enrichment, and competitiveness within the economy.


To offer classes to serve the comprehensive educational needs of the community. Recognizing that the educational needs of any individual are not only academic and career oriented, but also cultural and vocational, the staff designs and arranges non-credit and credit courses, workshops, seminars, and activities which offer opportunities by which these needs may be met. Continuing education classes requested by industry are designed to meet their specific needs.


Community Education Classes

Kids’ Programs

Industry Outreach Classes


 anna-powell Anna Powell
Director of Industry Outreach & Community Education
Kids’ College Director
HH 104
(870) 722-8102
  Maegan Lawson
Administrative Assistant to Industry Outreach & Community Education
Kids’ College
Hempstead Hall
(870) 722-8162