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Adult Education

Welcome to the Adult Education Department

The UAHT Adult Education Department works with adult students to assist them in their educational needs by providing services to those requesting educational and job skills. The Adult Education Department offers a wide range of services at times most convenient to you free of charge. The main office is located on the U of A Hope campus at 2500 South Main. Please contact us for questions or assistance.

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provides basic skills instruction is reading, writing, and math to adult learners functioning below the ninth-grade level. Individual instruction is based on the student’s entry level and needs.

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Arkansas CAREER READINESS CERTIFICATE (CRC) an Arkansas Career Readiness Certificate is a portable credential based upon the WorkKeys® assessments that demonstrate to employers that an individual possesses the basic workplace skills required for 21st-century jobs. Getting a CRC will allow an individual to show prospective employers that he or she possesses the basic skills they are looking for. Even if a job seeker has a high school diploma, GED or post-secondary degree, the Arkansas CRC further verifies that he can handle tasks such as reading instructions and directions, working with figures, and finding information – tasks common in today’s workplace.

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COLLEGE AND CAREER ACCESS PROGRAM (CCAP) is an instructional program in reading, writing, and math for students desiring to enter college but whose placement scores fall below the required college placement standards. This program was developed through a partnership with Arkansas Department of Higher Education and the Arkansas Adult Education Division. GED or high school graduates who come to UAHT and score at or below set scores and require Reading or Math for their degree will be required to complete their Reading and/or Math remediation through the CCAP program. Students may co-enroll in college courses as long as there are no duplication of the courses.

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COMPUTER LITERACY provides an introduction to the operation of the computer; basic computer terminology; and uses and applications, including a brief introduction to word processing, spreadsheets, and database management. It is an independent, self-pace study.

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DISTANCE LEARNING Our new distance learning program uses a Web-based program that allows students the flexibility and convenience of studying outside the traditional classroom setting. Online preparation of the GED test, computer basics and training, and many other courses are offered to students working online. All courses are free. Students may attend traditional classes while engaging in distance learning away from school.

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English as a Second Language ESL provides instruction in English-language skills including speaking, writing, listening, citizenship and reading for students whose first language is not English.

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GED-GENERAL ADULT EDUCATION is instruction for adults functioning between ninth- and 12th-grade levels. The purpose of these classes is to assist individuals in improving their educational skills, preparing for the General Educational Development (GED®) Tests, or preparing for postsecondary standardized entrance exams. The Arkansas GED® Testing Program serves all Arkansans who are 16 years or older, not enrolled in or graduated from high school, and who meet other state requirements regarding residency and testing eligibility. The GED® credential is based on four areas. The test covers reasoning through language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics.  The GED® test is designed to measure academic skills and knowledge in subjects that are learned during four years of high school. Before taking the GED® test in Arkansas, you must take and pass the official GED Practice Test (GED Ready™ test) through an approved Adult Education Center or GED Testing Center.   If you need additional instruction, you can enroll in an adult education program in or near your community.

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WAGE™ is a FREE job readiness training program.  You can improve your basic academic skills, as well as learn job skills that prepare you for entry-level jobs through the WAGE™ program. WAGE™ offers six certifications that can be earned to enhance a resume. The stackable certificates include Employability, Customer Service I, Customer Service II, Bank Teller, Office Technology, and Industrial.

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Adult Education Staff

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Bradford, Terry – E & T SNAP, Employment & Training – Hempstead County 
(870) 722-8271
Bruce, Cheryl – Paraprofessional – Hempstead County
(870) 722- 8501
Gardner, Billy – E & T SNAP, Employment & Training – Miller County 
(870) 774-4414
George, Charles – Director – Hempstead, Lafayette, Little River, Miller & Nevada County
(870) 722-8169
Lucero, Stephen – Paraprofessional, ESL
Hempstead County
(870) 722-8501
Marshall, Keianna – Paraprofessional/Secretary – Hempstead County
(870) 722-8501
May, Kim – Instructor, GED – Hempstead County
(870) 722-8873
McKinley, Ruby – Paraprofessional/Secretary – Miller County
(870) 774-4414
Randal, Minnie – Instructor, GED – Miller
(870) 774-4414
 no image
Ward, Gloria – Instructor, WAGE, CCAP, Distance Learning & GED
(870) 722-8504
Warren, Pam – Instructor, WAGE, Distance & CCAP
(903) 490-4705