U of A Hope is proud to offer KIDS’ COLLEGE, CAMP SAVE-A-LIFE, JUNIOR RANGER EXPLORER, and SAFE SITTER® to our community.

  • KIDS’ COLLEGE is a summer enrichment program for children entering into 1st – 6th grades.
  • CAMP SAVE-A-LIFE is a one-week summer medical camp for students who have completed 6th grade up through age 14.
  • JUNIOR RANGER EXPLORER CAMP is a grant-funded partnership with the National Park Service. Camp will be held each summer only if funds are available.
  • SAFE SITTER® is a program to teach young adolescents to babysit other children. It also gives children ages 11 and up the skills necessary to safely stay at home alone.

Our goal is to offer children and their families a positive first experience with U of A Hope through an exciting program of courses.


Kids’ College 2017 Dates

  • June 12th – June 29th, 2017

Kids’ College Booklets


Camp Save-A-Life 2017

Junior Ranger Explorer Summer Camp 2017


Safe Sitter ®

  • May 13 from 9:00am to 4:30pm. Cost is $50.00 per student.
  • New classes will be added based on enrollment numbers.



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