Certificate of Proficiency – Emergency Medical Technician Basic

This course is designed to prepare students for the basic EMT certification administered by the Arkansas Health Department. The course includes anatomy, dealing with trauma, splinting, use of spine boards, bandaging, emergency care of patients, and emphasis on emergency intervention at a basic level.

Students are required to be Health Care Provider CPR certified through program completion.

Must have the following: COMPASS 62 Reading or appropriate English placement course

Students seeking the AAS Paramedic but who are taking EMPT 1003 and EMPT 1004 courses must co-enroll in any pre-college courses required during the first 30 credit hours of course work. Students scoring less than a Compass Reading 62 must take the appropriate Reading course prior to enrollment in EMT 1003 and EMPT 1004.

Students must be 18 years of age or older at time of program completion. Please consult with the program advisor if you are under the age of 23. If you have been convicted of a crime please see the program advisor to determine eligibility. Students must be able to lift, move and perform practical skills.

EMPT 1003 First Responder
EMPT 1004 Emergency Medical Technician
MEDL 1001 HCP CPR (if needed)


Program Pass Rates

UACCH EMS Program Application