The Paramedic is an EMT whose advanced training enables him/her to provide more sophisticated care above the EMT life support level in the pre-hospital setting and in various other medical facility environments such as Emergency Department or Intensive Care Unit. Paramedics receive enhanced studies which enable them to carry out Advanced Life Support (ALS) procedures. This program is conducted through classroom, clinical, and on-line instruction. Students must have online access to complete this program. This can be done through the college.

Students seeking admission into the Paramedic Program must meet the following requirements prior to program application:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Be certified as an Arkansas EMT (see instructor if test results are pending).
  • Have certification in American Heart Association HCP CPR.
  • Score minimally 19 on the ACT or 78 on the Accuplacer Reading exam (Comp I ready) or successfully complete the appropriate Reading placement course.
  • Score minimally 19 on the ACT or 83 on the Accuplacer Writing exam (comp I ready) or successfully complete the appropriate English placement course.
  • Score minimally 16 on the ACT or AR 57/EA 42 on the Accuplacer Math exam or successfully complete the appropriate math placement course.
  • Submit a completed UACCH Paramedic application by December 1. Applications are accepted from August 1 to December 1 of each year. Applications submitted after this deadline will be considered if space is available.
  • Submit all additional application paperwork by December 1. All application paperwork must be turned in by the deadline in order to be considered. The program director must have the following on file in order for the application to be complete:
    • Paramedic Program application
    • College placement scores (Compass scores)
    • College transcript or transcript from EMT-Basic program
    • Copy of EMT-Basic certification
    • Copy of AHA/BLS/CPR Card
    • Complete interview process
    • Complete a drug screening
  • If a Student is in the process of testing they will be allowed to enter the program, but must show proof of licensure by the census day of the first semester. If the student cannot show proof of licensure they will be removed from the program and will be eligible to re-apply for the next cohort.

All applicants are notified by mail or telephone if he or she gained entrance into the program. If the number of applicants is greater than the number of positions, students will be required to take a comprehensive EMT Basic exam. Students will be ranked based on scores from this examination and completion of any course work leading toward the AAS Paramedic degree.


Pass Rates
Written Practical First Attempt All Attempts Retention Positive Placement
2014 100% 100% 67% 100% 50% 100%
2015 88% 88% 38% 88% 80% 100%
2016 80% 100% 60% 80% 71% 100%
Avg 89% 96% 55% 89% 67% 100%


UACCH EMS Program Application


Course Requirements     Credit Hours 
EMPT 1003 and EMPT 1004 or Arkansas EMT Licensure
**Must have Arkansas EMT Certification or enroll and successfully complete EMPT 1003 and EMPT 1004 Emergency Medical Technician prior to Paramedic coursework.
Spring     12 
EMSP  1203  EMS Environment   
EMSP  1215  Anatomy and Psychophysiology  
EMSP 1221 Field Internship I   
EMSP 1233  Pharmacology   
Maymester     7
EMSP  1202  Clinical Rotation I   
EMSP  1205  Medical Emergencies I   
Summer I     3
EMSP  1213  Medical Emergencies II   
Summer II     6 
EMSP  1216  Traumatic Emergencies   
Fall      14 
EMSP  1214  Special Considerations   
EMSP 1222 Paramedic Comprehensive Review  
EMSP  1223  Clinical Rotation II   
EMSP  1224  Field Internship II   
EMST  1201 Advanced Cardiac Life Support   
EMSP 1001 Paramedic Remediation (if required)  
Total     42 
EMS Paramedic & EMT Basic AAS TC CP Degree Checklist
EMS Paramedic & EMT Basic AAS TC CP Degree Checklist
1.2 MiB
321 🡇


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