The Associate of Applied Science degree is a four-semester program composed of 60 college credit hours designed for students who plan to seek employment in the area of supply chain management upon graduation. The program prepares students to enter jobs, be productive with a minimum of on-the-job training, and advance to a position of increased responsibility with additional experience. Possible employment opportunities are transportation/logistics/inventory management or management trainee positions.

Note:  Students not meeting the ACT or COMPASS requirements in math and English must enroll in the appropriate sequential academic skills math, reading, and/or English course(s) during their first semester in college and each subsequent semester until the requirements are successfully completed. Any degree-seeking student enrolled under the Student Success Plan must also take EDGE 1003 College Life Skills the first semester of enrollment.

Supply Chain Management Program Brochure

Rachel Parson, Instructor
DL135 – Hope Campus


Supply Chain Management AAS TC CP Degree Checklist
Supply Chain Management AAS TC CP Degree Checklist
1.2 MiB
234 🡇
Course Requirements ACTS Index # Credit Hours
CISS 1013 Introduction to Computers CPSI 1003
ECON 2103 Microeconomics ECON 2203
MATH 1053 Quantitative Literacy MATH 1103
SCMT 1013 Intro to Supply Chain Management
SCMT 1023 Logistics
ACCT 2103 Principles of Accounting I ACCT 2003
CISS 1353 Electronic Spreadsheet
ENGL 1013 Composition I ENGL 1013
SCMT 1113 Inventory
SCMT 1123 Transportation
BUSS 1203 Introduction to Business BUS 1013
BUSS 1213 Business Communications BUS 2013
BUSS 1363 Introduction to Marketing
BUSS 2353 Introduction to Management
BUSS 2103 Human Resources Management
BUSS 2203 Business Law BLAW 2003
CISS 2223 Database Management
ECON 2003 Macroeconomics ECON 2103
ENGL 2253 Technical Writing ENGL 2023
(ENGL 1023 Composition II, ATS Index # ENGL 1023, substitute requires dean’s approval.)
PSYC 2303 General Psychology (or) PSYC 1103
SOCI 2413 Sociology SOCI 1013
Total 60

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