Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration – Accounting Focus

This program provides students with the general education, business, and technical skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. The program prepares graduates to assume positions in management and upgrades the skills and knowledge of those currently employed.

Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration – Accounting Focus Degree Checklist


Course Requirements ACTS Index Number* Credit Hours
Fall Semester 15
BUSS  1203  Introduction to Business BUS 1013
BUSS  1253  Records Management 
CISS  1013 Introduction to Computers CPSI 1003
ENGL 1013  Composition I ENGL 1013
MATH 1063 AAS Math Business
Spring Semester 15
BUSS 2023  Business Organization and Management
CISS  1253  Word Processing
CISS 1353 Electronic Spreadsheet
ENGL  2253  Technical Writing ENGL 2023
SPCH  1313 Principles of Speech  SPCH 1003
Fall Semester 15
ACCT  2103  Principles of Accounting I ACCT 2003
BUSS  2103  Human Resource Management
BUSS 2203 Business Law BLAW 2003
CISS 2223 Database Management
PSCY 2303  General Psychology (or)  PSYC 1103
SOCI 2413 Sociology SOCI 1013
Spring Semester 15
ACCT  2113 Principles of Accounting II  ACCT 2013
ACCT  2203 Payroll Accounting
BUSS  1213 Business Communications  BUS 2013
BUSS 2303 Personal Finance
BUSS 2903 Internship
Total 60



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