Sunday, July 24th, 2016

Problems With the Website?

If you are needing help with Blackboard, please click here and create a ticket.

If you are having issues logging into MyUACCH, please use the "I Forgot My Pin" link.

If you are logging into MyUACCH for the very first time, your pin will be blank. You only need to enter in your student id number. The system will then automatically reset your password to the month and day of your birthdate (mmdd). The month WILL NOT contain a leading zero for the months January through September.
If you receive this message “Your attempt to access the CampusConnect system has failed. Please try your access again. If you continue to experience problems, please contact the Campus Technology Center.”, then you are not using the correct PIN.

If you are having issues logging into your student email account, please use the "Click here to reset your email password" link located on the page below.
Student Email
Please describe in detail any issues you are currently having.