Saturday, May 30th, 2015

Online Courses

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Welcome to Distance Learning!

The enrollment, financial aid, and registration process for online classes are the same as for campus classes.

To be successful in online classes, a student should:

  • Be motivated as an independent learner!
  • Not procrastinate!
  • Possess the computer skills necessary to use email, upload files, and navigate a website!
  • Have reliable access to a computer and Internet either at home or on campus!
  • Understand that some online courses will require on-campus, proctored final exams and perhaps midterm exams.
  • Be willing to commit the time necessary to successfully complete an online class! The classes are NOT easier than campus classes – just offered in a convenient format.

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For information and enrollment in online classes contact the Enrollment Management Office on campus at 870-722-8174 or the Distance Education Coordinator at 870-722-8152.