Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Institutional Effectiveness

UACCH, like all institutions of higher learning, is expected to document quality and effectiveness through a comprehensive system of planning and evaluation in all major aspects of what it does. Such planning and evaluation should be thorough, broad based, integrated, and appropriate to the College’s mission, vision, purpose, and strategic plan. Institutional effectiveness assists in the documentation of planning, assessment and evaluation, and uses the results in decision-making across the campus. UACCH demonstrates dedication to quality by monitoring effectiveness. It is through the collection and analysis of relevant data that the College engages in institutional planning, self improves and fulfills its mission.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness provides leadership and assistance in developing and overseeing processes designed to improve the effectiveness of programs and services at the University of Arkansas Community College at Hope. The five primary areas of responsibility are facilitating strategic planning, assisting with assessment of educational programs and administrative services for the purpose of continuous improvement, assisting in providing professional development and organizational opportunities for the purpose of continuous improvement, coordinating and monitoring the College’s compliance with accreditation standards, and working in collaboration with all areas of the campus to gather information for decision making for the purpose of continuous improvement.

John Hollis

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness


AC 166