Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Technical Certificate in Information Systems

The Technical Certificate in Information Technology is a component of the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Information Technology. This option takes thirty-eight credit hours of study and qualifies students for immediate employment in businesses which involve computer information processing and computer operations.

 Technical Certificate in Information Technology Degree Checklist

Gainful Employment Information


Course Requirements     ACTS Index Number* Credit Hours 
First Semester     16 
CISS  1013  Introduction to Computers*  CPSI 1003  
CISS  1203  Ethics in Technology   
CISS  1503  Introductory Web Design   
CISS  1703  Desktop Operating Systems  
CISS  1804  Computer Maintenance I   
Second Semester     19 
CISS  1353  Spreadsheet Applications   
CISS  1814  Computer Maintenance II   
CISS  2013  Advanced Web Design   
CISS  2223  Database Applications (Access)   
CISS  2303  Networking Essentials   
ENGL  0053  Advanced Writing (or higher)   
Total 35


*Keyboarding is a prerequisite if you have NO prior keyboarding experience.



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