Monday, April 27th, 2015

Technical Certificate in Diesel Technology

The Diesel Technology Program provides the student with the necessary entry-level skills and theory to enter either the medium/heavy duty truck or construction equipment service/repair fields. The program is flexible to allow the student to enter at the beginning of any semester and complete a Technical Certificate in two (2) semesters. Students may receive a Basic Diesel Technical Certificate after successfully completing their first twenty four (24) credit hours of DIES designated classes and remedial classes if required based on placement testing results. If the student continues in the program and successfully completes an additional twenty four (24) credit hours in DIES designated classes; the student will be awarded a second certificate, the Advanced Diesel Technical Certificate. (See course requirements.) 

Possible Required Courses
Based upon placement testing results, some students will be required to successfully complete ENGL 0083 Occupational Communications and/or MATH 0033 Math for Trades in order to develop college level reading, writing, and math skills. These courses do not fulfill degree requirements and they will not transfer to any 4 year institution.

Diesel Technology Program courses are offered on an every other year basis to accommodate the number of courses that make up the program. The years that particular courses are offered are shown above the course listings. A student can enter the program at any semester and progress through the degree plan.

Diesel Technology Tool List

Technical Certificate in Diesel Technology Degree Checklist


Course Requirements     Credit Hours 
Fall Semester 2013 &2015    
DIES  1104  Engine Systems 
DIES  1204  Diesel Engines 
DIES  1004  Basic Diesel Shop 
Total      12 
Spring Semester 2014 & 2016    
DIES  1304  Fuel Systems 
DIES  1404  Electrical Systems 
DIES  1414  Diesel Electronics 
Total      12 
Fall Semester 2014 & 2016    
DIES  1004  Basic Diesel Shop 
DIES  2215  Trouble Shooting and Inspection 
DIES  2005  Suspension and Steering 
Total      14 
Spring Semester 2015 & 2017    
DIES  2025  Brakes and Hydraulics 
DIES  2105  Clutches and Power Trains 
DIES  2204  Air Conditioning 
Total      14