Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

UA Hope-Texarkana Photos

End of Year Luncheon 2016
Student Government Awards 2016
Spring 2016 Foundation Scholarship Ceremony
Single Parent Scholarship Ceremony Spring 2016
"Pulling" for Education Trap Shoot 2016
U of A Texarkana Professions Building Ribbon Cutting
UAHT Employee Christmas Party 2015
EDGE Pinning Ceremony Fall 2015
CNA Pinning Fall 2015
Scholarship Ceremony Fall 2015
50th Anniversary Golden Gala
New Student Orientation 2015
Sammy Kershaw/Buddy Jewell Meet & Greet
Watermelon Idol 2015
Sammy Kershaw Concert
Liverpool Legends Concert
Mr. J.W. Rowe Administration Building Dedication
UA Hope-Texarkana Graduation 2015
End of Year Luncheon 2015
Student Government Association Awards Banquet 2015
22nd Annual UA Hope/Texarkana Fish Fry
Single Parent Scholarship Awards 2015
Scholarship Awards Ceremony Spring 2015
Bridge Day Spring 2015
Valley Exotics Zoo
LPN/CNA/Paramedic Integration Lab
EDGE Pinning Ceremony Fall 2014
Disaster Drill Training
Mr. Jerald Barber Retirement Reception & Concert
Lyon College Trap Shoot
Pulling for Education Trap Shoot 2014
Scholarship Awards Ceremony Fall 2014
Ethan Bortnick
Judy Wright Walter Art Dedication
New Student Orientation 2014
David Nail Meet & Greet
Watermelon Idol 2014
Mercy Me Meet & Greet
UA Hope-Texarkana Graduation 2014
End of Year Luncheon 2014
Bobby James Farewell
Spring Hill 6th Grade Tour 2014
RAMP Summit
21st Annual UACCH Fish Fry
Anthony-Routon Amphitheater Dedication
UACCH-Texarkana EDGE Pinning Ceremony Fall 2013
UACCH-Texarkana Christmas Crusade 2013
UACCH-Texarkana Christmas Parade 2013
SOUPer Student Day 2014 @ Hope Campus
Bridge Day Fall 2013
SOUPer Student Day 2013 @ UACCH-Texarka
Halloween Costume Contest 2013
Scholarship Ceremony Fall 2013
TRiO Officer Inductions 2013
Pulling for Education Trap Shoot 2013
Honoring Sergeant Young Procession
New Student Orientation Texarkana Campus 2013
Hope Campus New Student Orientation 2013
Hope & Prescott Concurrent Credit Meeting
Tracy Lawrence Meet & Greet
Watermelon Idol 2013
Politically Correct Watermelon Eating Contest
Watermelon Festival Concert 2013
Rachel Hale Meet & Greet
Operation Jumpstart
Nevada Blue Jays 5th Grade Visit
Dr. Claudia Griffin Retirement Celebration
UACCH Graduation 2013
End of Year Luncheon 2013
LPN Nurse Pinning Ceremony 2013
Noelle Baby Shower
EDGE Pinning Ceremony Spring 2013
UACCH Fish Fry 2013
Skills USA 2013
Student Government Association Awards Banquet 2013
Student Success Center Open House
Single Parent Scholarship Recipients Spring 2013
Scholarship Ceremony Spring 2013
Beads, Bags, and Bangles Bazaar
Hempstead Hall Ribbon Cutting & Grand Opening
EDGE Pinning Ceremony Fall 2012
ARNEC Pinning 2012
Arkansas High School Game Night Sponsor
Halloween Costume Contest 2012
Foundation Scholarship Ceremony Fall 2012
6th Annual Pulling for Education Trap Shoot
UACCH-Texarkana Ribbon Cutting
Watermelon Idol 2012
Easton Corbin Meet & Greet
Logan Mize Meet & Greet
Watermelon Festival Concert 2012
iServe Project Presentations 2012
UACCH Graduation 2012
End of Year Luncheon 2012
Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin Visits UACCH-Texarkana
EDGE Pinning Ceremony Spring 2012
Relay for Life 2012
Genoa Central, Fouke, and Arkansas High visit UACCH-Texarkana
Fish Fry 2012
Student Art Show Spring 2012
Student Government Association Awards Banquet 2012
UACCH Foundation Board Hempstead Hall Tour
UACCH-Texarkana Television Commercial Shoot
U of A System President Dr. Donald Bobbitt Visit
Beads, Bags, and the Blue Yonder
"The Apple" UACCH FAN Night
iServe Video Shoot 2012
Foundation Scholarship Ceremony Spring 2012
Say Go College Day Spring 2012
Community Classes
Southwest Arkansas Preparatory Academy Award Letters Hope High School Spring 2012
UACCH ARNEC Nurse Pinning Ceremony 2011
Spring Hill 6th Grade Visit
EDGE Pinning Ceremony Fall 2011
Student Art Exhibit Fall 2011
Hempstead County Law Enforcement UACCH Sub Station Ribbon Cutting
UACCH-Texarkana Creation Ceremony & Steel Signing
Souper Student Day 2011
Foundation Scholarship Ceremony Fall 2011
Nonviolence Youth Summit
Pulling for Education Trap Shoot 2011
New Student Orientation 2011
Chuck Wicks Meet & Greet
Little Texas Meet & Greet
Watermelon Festival Concert 2011
Watermelon Idol 2011
"Politically Correct" Watermelon Eating Contest 2011
EDGE Pinning Ceremony Summer 2011
CNA Apprenticeship Summer 2011
Graduation 2011
EDGE Pinning Ceremony 2011
LPN Nurse Pinning Cermony 2011
Camden Fairview 4th Grade Class Visit
Fish Fry 2011
UACCH Fine Arts Club
Scholarship Ceremony Spring 2011
TV Commercial Shoot
The Importance of being Earnest
UAMS Scholarship Awards Luncheon
Beads, Bags and Bon Temps
Say Go College Day 2011
UACCH Snow Day 2011
Community Coffee 2010
Student Art Show 2010
SOUPer Student Day 2010
Bridge Day
Halloween Costume Contest 2010
Scholarship Ceremony Fall 2010
Student Trap Shoot
1557 Enrollment Commemoration
New Student Orientation 2010